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More than 8,000 companies worldwide use products from RapidFire Tools. The company has won more than three dozen industry awards over the last several years. We are proud of these accolades but will never rest on our laurels. We work hard to make our products better by listening carefully to our users. Most feature enhancements have come directly from suggestions submitted by our customers—in all likelihood companies just like yours.


The company’s offerings include Network Detective® for IT assessments, documentation, and reporting; Audit Guru for Compliance Process Automation (CPA); and Cyber Hawk for internal cyber security threat detection and alerting.

Our flagship product, Network Detective, is the #1 non-intrusive IT assessment tool.  You can quickly and easily capture a vast amount of network assets, users, configurations, and vulnerabilities without installing any software, probes, or agents. Our proprietary algorithms analyze the data to generate dozens of professionally formatted, brandable reports in minutes.


Audit Guru brings the only compliance “administrator in a box” to automate the collection of network data and company information.  Audit Guru produces all documentation and reports required under the compliance standard, quickly and accurately.


While no organization would think about running their IT without a firewall or anti-virus software, most still remain vulnerable to internal threats, where most breaches occur.  Cyber Hawk protects an organization from internal threats by alerting on anomalous activity, suspicious changes, and vulnerabilities caused by misconfigurations.

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“RapidFire Tools is the home of award-winning IT software tools. We understand the challenges you face because when we started out in 1997, we began as an MSP supporting SMB IT departments all across North America. Today we are a software vendor committed to making it our business to be part of your success. By focusing on what we know best and creating products that actually make you money, we now have over 8,000 customers worldwide, producing over 500,000 reports with more than 10 million pages of meaningful information every month!


We’re also committed to providing exceptional product support. We design our software to be intuitive and simple to use, but we also understand that we need to be there when you need help. That’s why our skilled technical support team is not only dedicated to providing a fast response but in a survey of our customer base, 93% ranked our support as excellent.”

Michael Mittel, President & CEO

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